Apple Story Time – Preschool

Opening Song

Book: Ned’s New Home by Kevin Tseng

neds new home

Rhyme: Here are some worms who are, oh, so sad.
They’ve lost all the wiggles that they once had.
They wonder if you, just for today
would lend them your wiggles so they can play.

Wiggle them up and wiggle them down
Wiggle the worms around and around
Wiggle them high and wiggle them low
Wiggle them fast and wiggle them slow
Wiggle them over your shoes and your socks
Then wiggle them back into their box.

Flannel/Puppets: Little Mouse’s Big Secret by Eric Battut

Apple Tree_1 Apple Tree_2 Apple Tree_3 Apple Tree_4 Apple Tree_5 Apple Tree_6 Apple Tree_7 Apple Tree_8

Song: A Little Apple Seed” (Tune: “Itsy Bitsy Spider”)
Once a little apple seed
was planted in the ground.
Down came the raindrops falling all around.
Out came the big sun
Bright as bright could be
And that little apple seed grew up
to be an apple tree.

Rhyme: Way up high in the apple tree   (Stretch arms in air)
Two little apples smiled at me (Make two fists)
I shook that tree as hard as I could   (Shake arms in air)
And down came the apples   (Drop fists to floor)
Mmmmm, they were good!   (Rub tummy)

Book: What’s an Apple? By Marilyn Singer, illustrated by Greg pizzoli

What's an Apple? book cover

Closing Rhyme

Craft: Apples with finger worms!

apple preschool story time craft