Peek-a-Boo Story Time – Baby

Opening Song

Sign Language: again, surprise

Book: Peekaboo Morning by Rachel Isadora

Peekaboo Morning book cover

Song: Forgot a bag to carry (Tune: “Ring around the Rosie”)
Forgot a bag to carry (sign for bag)
Our books at the library (sign for book)
Stack’em, stack’em (lift baby, or stack hands)
They all fall down (baby to lap, or hands open)
Credit: Leah Portz

Rhyme: Pitty, patty, polt
Pitty, patty, polt, (tap feet together)
Shoe the little colt.
Here a nail, (tap one foot)
There a nail, (tap other foot)
Pitty, patty, polt. (tap feet together)

Book: Peek-a-Boo What? by Elliot Kreloff

peekaboo what

Song (with scarves): Where is baby? (Tune: “Where is Thumbkin?”)
Where is baby? Where is baby? (cover baby’s face)
There she is. There she is. (peek under scarf)
I’m so glad to see you. I’m so glad to see you.
Peek-a-boo! I see you! (kiss)
Credit: Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County

Song (with scarves): “Colors” – Kira Willey: Dance for the Sun

Song: Hop, hop, hop along (Tune: “Row Your Boat”)
Hop, hop, hop along (hop)
Or bounce on someone’s knee (bounce)
Higher and higher and higher and higher (lift)
Bunny hop with me. (hop)

Book (choral): Peek-a-Baby by Karen Katz

Peek-a-Baby book cover

Song (shaky eggs): “Rollin’ Baby” – Elizabeth Mitchell: Blue Clouds

Closing Rhyme