Moose Story Time – Preschool

Opening song

Book: This is a Moose by Richard T. Morris, illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld

This is a Moose book cover

Song: “A-Root-Chy-Cha Chant” – Don Monopoli: Laugh ‘n Learn Silly Songs

Book/Puppets: Elusive Moose by Joan Gannij, illustrated by Clare Beaton

Elusive Moose Book Cover

Song: “Sleeping Bag Chant” – Carole Peterson: H.U.M.

Flannel: Where is the Moose? (hide a moose behind shapes of different colors)

Song: There Was a Great Big Moose! (repeat-after-me)
There was a great big moose!
He liked to drink a lot of juice.
Repeat each verse, then chorus

Singin’ oh way oh
Way oh way oh way oh way oh
Way oh way oh
Way oh way oh way oh way oh

The moose’s name was Fred.
He liked to drink his juice in bed.

He drank his juice with care,
but he spilled some in his hair.

Now he’s a sticky moose
Because he’s all covered in juice!

Book: Duck, Duck, Moose! By Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, illustrated by Noah Z. Jones

Duck, Duck, Moose! book cover

Closing rhyme

Craft: Moose paper bag puppets (coffee filter antlers)

Moose preschool story time craft