Medical Heroes Story Time- Toddler

Opening Song

Sign Language: Doctor

Book: How do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? by Jane Yolen; illustrations by Mark Teague

how do dinosaurs get well soon

Song: “We are the Dinosaurs”- Laurie Berkner: Whaddaya Think of That?

Rhyme: I’ve Got a Cold

I’ve got a cold
My nose can’t smell
My eyes are red
I don’t feel well
So I’ll drink my juice
And go to bed. . .
My nose feels better
And so does my head!

(Credit: SurLaLune Storytime)

Book: Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed by Eileen Christelow

five little monkeys jumping on the bed

Game: Use various animal puppets to complete the rhyme!

Sheep’s nose twitches, sheep’s nose tingles, sheep is going to sneeze! Baa-choo! Baa-choo! Baa-choo!

(Credit: Miss Barbara at the Library)

Song: “Wiggle Song”- Carole Peterson: Sticky Bubble gum & Other Tasty Tunes

Book: Maisy, Charley, and the Wobbly Tooth by Lucy Cousins

maisy charley and the wobbly tooth

Song: “Brush your Teeth”- Raffi: Singable Songs for the Very Young

Song: “Icky Sticky Bubblegum”- David Landau: Kids and Kitties