Dirty & Clean Story Time- Toddler

Opening Song

Book: Dirty Gert by Tedd Arnold


Song: “Shake Your Scarves” by Johnette Downing on The Second Line Scarf Activity Songs album



Flannel Activity: 5 Pigs so Squeaky Clean
adapted from Mel’s Desk

Book: Not Me! by Nicola Killen


Rhyme: Mud Cakes (call and repeat with motions)

Make a Mud Cake (make a mud cake)
In the mud (in the mud)
Digging, scooping, patting (digging, scooping, patting)
Just feels fun! (just feels fun)

Closing Song

Craft: Mud Puddle Pictures
Fold pieces of paper in half (we used pink to go with the pigs earlier) and have the kids paint with watered down brown tempra paint on one half.  Fold the pages together, squeeze them, and then open it!  Ask kids what their “mud puddle” looks like.

(On page 73 of CSLP 2013 manual)





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