Colors Story Time – Preschool

Opening song

Book: Baby Bear Sees Blue by Ashley Wolff

baby bear sees blue

Rhyme: Color Rhyme by Jean Warren

If your clothes have any red
Put your finger on your head

If your clothes have any blue
Put your finger on your shoe.

If your clothes have any green
Wave your hand so you’ll be seen

If your clothes have any yellow,
Smile like a happy fellow

If your clothes have any brown,
Turn your smile into a frown.

If your clothes have any black,
Put your hands behind your back.

If your clothes have any white,
Clap your hands with all your might.

Book: I Spy with My Little Eye by Edward Gibbs

i spy with my little eye

Flannel: This little chick (Credit:

this little chick

This little chick is black.
She stands in the barnyard on a big haystack.
This little chick is brown.
She is feeling sad and wearing a frown.
This little chick is yellow.
She’s friends with the rooster; he’s a handsome fellow.
This little chick is white.
She dances and plays, oh what a sight.
This little chick is purple.
She spends her day running around in a circle.
This little chick is green.
She is the prettiest chick I’ve ever seen.
This little chick is blue.
She lays eggs for me and you.
This little chick is pink.
She goes down to the pond to get a drink.
All of these chicks live at the farm,
Out in the big red barn.

Book: Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin, created and illustrated by James Dean

pete the cat i love my white shoes

Song: The Goldfish – Laurie Berkner: Victor Vito

Song (with scarves): “Colors” – Kira Willey: Dance for the Sun

Craft: Rainbow and clouds with fruity cheerios and cotton balls (on a half page). Also a fun snack!

rainbow cheerios