Colors Story Time – Baby

Opening song

Sign language: Rainbow

Book: Baby Bear Sees Blue by Ashley Wolff

baby bear sees blue

Song (iPod): “Five Little Frogs” – David Landau; Kids and Kitties

Song: Hop, hop, hop along (Tune: “Row Your Boat”)
Hop, hop, hop along (hop)
Or bounce on someone’s knee (bounce)
Higher and higher and higher and higher (lift)
Bunny hop with me. (hop)

Book: Lemons Are Not Red by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

lemons are not red

Rhyme: One, two, buckle my shoe
One, two, buckle my shoe (clap, tap shoes)
Three, four, shut the door (clap, cover eyes)
Five, six, pick up sticks (clap, wiggle fingers)
Seven, eight, lay them straight (clap, raise arms)
Nine, ten, a big fat hen (clap, widen arms)

Song (iPod): “Over the Deep Blue Sea” – Susan Salidor; Come Make a Circle

Book: Rain by Robert Kalan, illustrated by Donald Crews


Rhyme: Trot, trot to Boston

Flannel: This Little Chick

Song: Forgot a bag to carry (Tune: “Ring around the Rosie”)
Forgot a bag to carry (sign for bag)
Our books at the library (sign for book)
Stack’em, stack’em (lift baby, or stack hands)
They all fall down (baby to lap, or hands open)
Credit: Leah Portz

Book (choral): Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton

blue hat green hat

Song (shaky eggs): “Little Red Caboose” – Old Town School of Music; Wiggleworms Love You

Closing rhyme