Big and Little Story Time – Baby

Opening song

Book:  Little Gorilla by Ruth Bornstein

little gorilla

Rhyme: Big A, little A, bouncing B, (bounce)
Cat’s in the cupboard and he can’t see me (cover face with hands)
Peekaboo! I see you! (open hands off face)

Song: “Itsy Bitsy Spider”

Book: I Am Small by Emma Dodd

i am small

Rhyme: Roly poly every so slowly, Roly poly faster, faster, faster (roll arms)

Song: “The Little Bird” – Georgiana Stewart: Nursery Rhyme Time

Rhyme: This is big, big, big  Hold arms out to side
This is small small small Cup hands together
This is short short short Hold hands with palms facing each other
This is tall tall tall Reach one hand above head
This is fast fast fast Circle fists quickly
This is slow slow slow Circle fists slowly
This is yes yes yes Nod
This is no no no Shake head
(Credit: Mel’s Desk)

Book: So Big by Dan Yaccarino

so big dan

Rhyme: Rickety, rickety rocking horse
Over the hills we go
Rickety rickety rocking horse,
Giddy-up, giddy-up, whoa! (hug)

Rhyme: Pizza, pickle, pumpernickel
My little baby deserves a tickle! (tickle)
One for her nose, and one for her toes
And one for her belly where the hot dog goes!

Book: Big Little by Leslie Patricelli

big little

Song (with shaky eggs): “Six Little Ducks” – Joanie Bartels: Bathtime Magic

Closing rhyme


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