Tool Story Time – Everybody

Opening Song

Sing Language: Hammer

Book: Tap, Tap, Bang, Bang by Emma Garcia

tap tap bang bang

Song: “Can’t Wait to Celebrate”- Jim Gill: Jim Gill’s Irrational Album

Book: Construction Kitties by Judy Sue Godwin Sturges, illustrated by Shari Halpern

construction kitties

Flannel: “Johnny Had One Hammer”

Song: “Building a House”
I’m going to build a little house, (Form arch overhead)
With windows big and bright. (Circles around eyes)
With chimney tall and curling smoke drifting out of sight. (Stretch up arms, make drifting motion)
In winter when the snowflakes fall, (Flutter hands down)
Or when I hear a storm, (Cup hand to ear)
I’ll go inside my little house, (Crouch down)
And I’ll be safe and warm. (Hug self or child)

Book: Whose Tools Are These? by Sharon Katz Cooper, illustrated by Amy Bailey Muehlenhardt

whose tools are these

Song: “Construction Worker Song”
This is the way we pound our nails, pound our nails, pound our nails
This is the way we pound our nails, so early in the morning
(Saw the wood, stack the bricks, stir the paint, paint the walls)
(Credit: Everything Preschool)

Book: Raise the Roof! by Anastasia Suen, illustrated by Elwood H. Smith

raise the roof

Rhyme: “Five Little Nails”
Five little nails, standing strong and steady
Here I come, with my hammer ready
BAM – BAM – BAM!  The nail goes down
Now, there are FOUR more nails to pound
(count down until none are left)
(Source: Storytime Source Page)

Book: I Love Tools by Philemon Sturges

i love tools

Song: “Can You Clap Your Hands” — Sue Schnitzer: Wiggle and Whirl, Clap and Nap

Closing Rhyme


tool box story time craft