Up in the Air Story Time – Sensory Friendly

Opening song

Book: I Love Planes by Philemon Sturges

I Love Planes

Song/flannel: “The Airplane Song” – Laurie Berkner: Whaddaya Think of That?

Book: Little Cloud by Eric Carle

little cloud

Song: “Mat Man” – Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer: Get Set for School Sing Along

Movement: Learn the yoga pose “hot air balloon”

Social Story: It’s Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr

Closing Song

Craft: die-cut airplanes with fluffy clouds on blue paper




Up in the Air Story Time – Baby

Opening song

Sign language: Balloon, cloud, and kite

Book: Emily’s Balloon by Komako Sakai

Emily's Balloon book cover

Rhyme: Balloon goes up (lift)
Balloon goes down (lap)
Balloon goes up to reach the clouds (lift high)
Storm rolls by (wiggle side to side)
Babe rocks down (sway to lap)
Made it home, safe and sound (hug and kiss)
(Credit: Leah Portz)

Song: “Blow Up Your Balloon” – The Wiggles: Racing to the Rainbow

Song: “I Am a Bubble” – Charlotte Diamond: Charlotte Diamond’s World

Book: And Red Galoshes by Glenda Millard, illustrated by Jonathan Bentley

And Red Galoshes book cover

Song/Bubbles: “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” – Richard Sherman: Mary Poppins An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack

Rhyme: Trot, trot, trot to Boston (gently bounce baby on your knees)
Trot, trot, trot to Lynn.
Look out baby
You’re going to fall in. (lower knees)

Song: Did you ever see a baby, a baby, a baby?
Did you ever see a baby go this way and that? (lean side to side)
Go this way and that way and this way and that way (lean front to back, side to side)
Did you ever see a baby go this way and that? (lean front to back)

Big Book/Puppets: It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw

It Looked Like Spilt Milk book cover

Rhyme: Away up high in the apple tree (lift baby)
I saw a little baby smiling at me
I shook that tree as hard as I could (shake gently)
Down came the baby (bring down)
Mmm, was she good! (Kiss)

Song (shaky eggs): “In the Clouds” – Laurie Berkner: Laurie Berkner Lullabies

Closing rhyme