Summer Story Time – Baby

Opening song

Sign language: Summer

Book: Beach Feet by Kiyomi Konagaya, illustrated by Masamitsu Saito

beach feet

Song: Let’s Tap our Feet Together (Tune: “The More We Get Together”)

Let’s tap our feet together, together, together,Let’s tap our feet together, because it’s fun to do.

Let’s clap our hands . . .
Let’s touch our nose . . .
Let’s touch our ears . . .

Song: I’m Going to the Beach (Tune: “Farmer in the Dell”)
I’m going to the beach, I’m going to the beach,I think I’ll see a (insert summer thing and show picture) there,
I’m going to the beach.
(Credit: Mel’s Desk)

Book/Song: Take Me Out to the Ball Game by Scott Burroughs

take me out

Song: “Little Red Wagon” – Old Town School of Folk Music: Wiggleworms Love You

Rhyme: One, two, three, Baby’s on my knee.
Rooster crows, And away he goes.

Book: Mouse’s First Summer by Lauren Thompson, illlustrated by Buket Erdogan

mouses first summer

Rhyme: Pizza, pickle, pumpernickel
My little baby deserves a tickle! (tickle)
One for her nose, and one for her toes
And one for her belly where the hot dog goes!

Song/flannel: (Tune: “If you’re happy and you know it”)
If you’re going to the pool, wear your suit, (show picture)
If you’re going to the pool, wear your suit,
If you’re going to the pool, then a suit will keep you cool,
If you’re going to the pool, wear your suit.

…then a hat will keep you cool
…then your shoes will keep you cool
…then your shades shades will keep you cool

(credit: Mel’s Desk)

Book: Baby Loves Summer by Karen Katz

baby loves summer

Song (with shaky eggs): “Summer Baby” – Caspar Babypants: Hot Dog!

Closing rhyme





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