Shapes Story Time – Preschool

Opening song

Book: Lots of Dots by Craig Frazier

lots of dots

Song: “Make a Circle, Draw a Square” (Tune: “Oh My Darling Clementine”)
Make a circle, make a circle, draw it in the sky
Use your finger, use your finger, make it round as pie
Make a square, make a square, make the lines so straight
Draw a square, draw a square, draw one or draw eight
Draw a triangle, draw a triangle, always start at the top
Make a tent, make a tent, use three lines and then stop!
(Credit: Best Kids Book Site)

Book: Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld

duck rabbit

Song: “Baby Duck/Duckie Countdown” – Carole Peterson: Sticky Bubble Gum

Book: It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw

it looked like spilt milk

Activity: Look at spilt milk shapes from flannel backwards

Song: “Jump Up, Turn Around” – Jim Gill: Moving Rhymes for Modern Times

Activity: Pass out sound shapes. If you have a square, bang your drum, etc.

remo sound shapes

Craft: Shape monsters

shape monster