Red Story Time – Toddler

Opening song

Sign language: red

Book: Red is Best by Kathy Stinson, illustrated by Robin Baird Lewis

Red is Best book cover

Flannel: Five Little Ladybugs

Five little ladybugs, ready to explore
One flew away, and then there were four

Four little ladybugs, crawling up a tree
One flew away, and then there were three

Three little ladybugs didn’t have a clue
One flew away, and then there were two

Two little ladybugs, looking for some fun
One flew away, and then there was one

One little ladybug, alone in the sun
She flew away and then there were none

Song: “Little Red Wagon” – Old Town School of Folk Music: Wiggleworms Love You

Book: Red by Rebecca Stromstad Glaser


Rhyme: “Blue is the Lake”

Blue is the lake
Hold arms out in a circle in front of you
Yellow is the sun
Move arms, still in circle, overhead
Silver are the stars when the day is done
Wiggle fingers overhead
Red is the apple
Make a round ball with your fingers in front of you
Green is the tree
Hold arms up like branches
Brown is a cookie for you and me
Rub tummy!

(Credit: Mel’s Desk)

Song: “Toes are Tapping “ – Kimbo Educational: Toddler Gym

Book: Fire Truck by Peter Sis

Fire Truck book cover

Song: “Drive the Fire Truck” – Old Town School of Folk Music: Songs for Wiggleworms

Song: “Can’t Wait to Celebrate” – Jim Gill: Jim Gill’s Irrational Anthem

Song: “Icky-Sticky Bubble Gum” – David Landau: Kids and Kitties

Closing rhyme

Craft: Coloring sheet of red things