Outdoor Play Story Time – Toddler

Opening Song

Book: Let’s Play in the Forest While the Wolf Is Not Around by Claudia Rueda

let's play in the forest

Song: “Shake Your Sillies Out” – The Wiggles: Yummy Yummy

Book: My Bike by Byron Barton

my bike

Flannel: Five Colorful Kites

Way up high in the sky so blue (raise arms high)
Five colorful kites flew and flew (hold up 5 fingers)
The wind blew hard (blow out hard)
The wind blew loud (say, “wooooo!”)
The wind blew the (insert color) kite off to the clouds! (remove kite)
Continue until there are no kites left.


(Source: Literary Commentary)

Song: “The Wheels on the Bike”
The wheels on the bike go round and round, round and round, round and round
The wheels on the bike go round and round, all through the town.

(Pedals on the bike go up and down, streamers on the bike go swish swish swish, bell on the bike goes ding-ding-ding)

(Source: Storytime Katie)

Book: Higher, Higher by Leslie Patricelli

Higher Higher

Song: “Jumping and Counting” – Jim Gill: Jim Gill’s Irrational Anthem

Song: “Icky Sticky Bubble Gum” – David Landau: Kids and Kitties

Closing Song

Craft: Bike Scenes

bike die cut