Music Story Time- Baby

Opening song

Sign Language: Music

Book: Dancing Feet by Lindsey Craig ; Marc Brown

dancing feet

Song: Let’s Tap our Feet Together (Tune: “The More We Get Together”)

Let’s tap our feet together, together, together,
Let’s tap our feet together, because it’s fun to do.

Let’s clap our hands . . .
Let’s touch our nose . . .
Let’s touch our ears . . .

Song: “Red Wagon” – Old Town School of Folk Music: Wiggleworms Love You

Book: Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton

barnyard dance

Rhyme: One, two, three,
Baby’s on my knee.
Rooster crows,
And away he goes.

Song (with puppets): Old McDonald has a farm

Rhyme: Pizza, pickle, pumpernickel

Book (with shaker eggs): Shake It Up Baby! by Karen Katz

shake it up baby

Rhyme: Bouncing, Bouncing Baby on my Knee (bounce)
Bouncing, bouncing 1 2 3! (lift or big bounce)
Clapping, clapping with baby on my knee (clap)
Clapping, clapping 1 2 3! (big clap)
Hugging, hugging baby on my knee (hug)
Hugging, hugging 1 2 3! (hug or tilt)
(Credit: Read Sing Play)

Song (with shaker eggs): “Shaky Shaky”- The Wiggles: Yummy yummy

Closing song