Mo Willems Story Time – Everybody

Opening song

Book: The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog by Mo Willems

Play: “Hot Dog Dress Up” at

Fingerplay: Five little hot dogs frying in a pan, the grease got hot and it went bam! (clap)

Song: “Shakin’ Everywhere” – Jim Gill: The Irrational Anthem

Book: Should I Share My Ice Cream? by Mo Willems

Should I Share My Ice Cream? book cover

Flannelboard: “Ice Cream Colors”
We have ice cream, the best in town,
Let us begin with chocolate brown.
Now, let us scoop us some bubble-gum pink,
It is sweet and yummy, the best, some think.
Here is ice cream minty and green,
It is the creamiest I have ever seen.
Yellow ice cream is lemony and tart,
We like its taste from the very start.
Scoops of blueberry would make my day,
Look at all this ice cream, hip, hip hurray!
Red ice cream is a strawberry delight,
All these scoops are a wonderful sight.
Vanilla white is a popular flavor,
It tastes very good to an ice-cream craver.
Purple ice cream really gives me a kick,
Good and yummy till the very last lick.
Ice cream, ice cream, what a cool sensation,
We love ice cream in any combination!
Credit: Step By Step

Song: “Pig on Her Head” – Laurie Berkner: The Best of Laurie Berkner

Book: Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems

 Knuffle Bunny book cover

Song: “Sleeping Bunnies” – Kathy Reid-Naiman: Zoom Zoom Cuddle and Croon

 Closing rhyme

Craft: Pigeon headband