Food Story Time – Everybody

Opening Song

Book: Bee-Bim Bop! by Linda-Sue Park, illustrated by Ho Baek Lee

Song: “I Feel Crazy so I Jump in the Soup” – Laurie Berkner: Victor Vito

Book/Puppets: “Hi, Pizza Man!” by Virginia Walter, illustrated by Ponder Goembel

Hi, Pizza Man! book cover

Flannel: Build a pizza (give children felt ingredients for board)

Rhyme: “Pizza People, Pizza People”
Pizza People, pizza people: turn around, touch the ground, reach up high, touch the sky,
find your nose, touch your toes, find your knees, sit down, please!
(Credit: Modified from childhood; idea from Awesome Storytime)

Book: Book: Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar? by David A. Carter

who took the cookies cover image

Felt Story: “Five Little Cookies”
Five little cookies, with frosting galore
Cookie Monster ate the pink one, then there were four.
Four little cookies, two and two, you see,
Cookie Monster ate the green one, then there were three.
Three little cookies, but before I knew,
Cookie Monster ate the blue one, then there were two.
Two little cookies, oh, what fun!
Cookie Monster ate the orange one, then there was one.
One little cookie, watch me run!
Cookie Monster ate the red one, then there were none.

cookie monster prop image

Song with scarves: “Popcorn Calling Me” — Laurie Berkner: Buzz Buzz

Closing Rhyme

Craft:  Plate of Cookies