Flower Story Time – Baby

Opening song

Sign language for flower

Book: Flower Garden by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Kathryn Hewitt

flower garden

Song: (Tune: “The Farmer in the Dell”)
The gardener plants the seeds.
The gardener plants the seeds.
High ho the derry oh,
The gardener plants the seeds.

The rain falls on the ground…
The sun shines bright and warm…
The seeds begin to grow…
The flowers grow everywhere…

Rhyme: That’s Me Complete
I have ten little fingers and ten little toes (wiggle fingers and toes)
Two little arms and one little nose (wave arms, touch nose)
One little mouth and two little ears (touch mouth and ears)
Two little eyes for smiles and tears (touch your eyes)
One little head and two little feet (touch head, wiggle feet)
One little chin, that’s ME complete! (touch chin and pat chest)
(Source: Wadsworth Library)

Book: Big Yellow Sunflower by Frances Barry

big yellow sunflower

Song: “Say, Say Oh Baby” – Priscilla Hegner: Baby Games

Song: “Hop, hop, hop along” (Tune: “Row, Row, Row your Boat”)
Hop, hop, hop along (bounce)
Or bounce on someone’s knee
Higher and higher and higher and higher
Bunny hop with me.

Book: Counting in the Garden by Kim Parker

counting in the garden

Song: “Here we go up, up, up” (Tune: “Here we go looby loo”)
Here we go up, up, up (lift baby)
Here we go down, down, down,
Here we go up, up, up
Here we go down, down, down.

Rhyme: Pizza, pickle, pumpernickel
My little baby deserves a tickle! [tickle baby]
One for her nose, and one for her toes
And one for her belly where the hot dog goes!

Song: “Little Red Wagon” – Old Town School of Folk Music: Wiggleworms Love You

Song (shaky eggs): “You Are My Flower” – Elizabeth Mitchell: You Are My Flower

Closing rhyme


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