Hockey Story Time – Preschool

Opening Song

Book: I’m Cool! by Kate and Jim McMullan

I'm Cool! book cover

Song: Hockey pokey
You put your right glove in,
You put your right glove out,
You put your right glove in,
And you shake it all about

You do the hockey pokey
And you skate yourself around
That’s what it’s all about

2) left glove 3) right skate 4) left skate 5) helmet 6) stick
(Credit: Leah Portz, Verona Story Time)

Book: Dino-Hockey by Lisa Wheeler, illustrated by Barry Gott

Dino-Hockey book cover

Song: Hockey game (Tune: “Row, row, row your boat”)
Pat, pat, pat your gloves
Quickly on your knees
Hurry now, hurry now
Your fingers mustn’t freeze

Bend, bend, bend your legs
Quickly, it’s your role
Hurry now, hurry now
You must defend the goal

Pass, pass, pass the puck
Quickly, with your stick
Hurry now, hurry now
To Score you must be quick

Skate, skate toward the net
Quickly win the game
Happy now, happy now
Fans will shout your name, hooray!
(Credit: Leah Portz, Verona Story Time)

Book/Flannel: Hockey Shapes by Mark Weakland (abridged – with felt shapes)

Hockey Shapes book cover

Craft: Hockey rink coloring sheet (with hockey players). Have children find and color in shapes on the rink.

hockey preschool story time craft

Closing Rhyme